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Wilson Chiropractic is a well-established chiropractic clinic in Larne. As a result, we get most of our patients through word of mouth. Here are a few chiropractic reviews by our happy clients.
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Customer reviews

"As a family we cannot thank Joanne enough for her help, support and advice in helping our daughter.  Cerys suffers from OI ( brittle bones disease) and NEAD ( none epileptic attack disorder).  After many broken bones including a fracture in her T4 (spine) and a fracture in her shoulder, to mention a few.  On top of the many fractures Cerys suffered from up to 50 seizures a month. Her life was turned upside down.  March 2016 Joanne scanned Cerys and set up a programme twice weekly. At the beginning of her treatment she was suffering from seizures daily. Now Cerys is seizure free and has managed a full year without breaking a bone. Family life is back to normal and Cerys is a fun loving girl who is ready to try anything!!!! Joanne has cured Cerys. Whether it be physical, mental, stress or emotional, trying chiropractic care is worth every penny!!!!!"
Demelza ( Cery's mum Jan 2017)

"I came to Dr Joanne with limited flexibility and pain in my neck and lower back from a car accident, work related injuries and wear &tear.  Dr Jo has restored my flexibility and removed all of my pain , as long as i am sensible and follow my homework.  Dr Jo listens carefully to my symptom explanations and alters any treatment to suit.  I like to visit my Chiro every 4 weeks as i find it maintains my flexibility and improves my overall well being." 
- Mr Hay (Dec 2016)

"When I first visited Joanne I was seeking help with migraines. A week later I had a car accident where my car rolled on to the roof, leaving my neck and lower back in agony. I was devastated because as a nurse, on my feet all day, caring for very physically dependent patients and having enjoyed running and weight lifting, I thought my life had changed in a matter of minutes. I'm so grateful for everything Joanne has done. My migraines have become less frequent, my posture has improved and most importantly my back pain has improved dramatically. I can't recommend Wilson Chiropractic enough!"
Sarah Kirker (July 27, 2016)

"I started going to Joanne in March when I was 20 weeks pregnant with a very sore shoulder from changing sleeping position. After 3 weeks of adjustments the pain was gone! I continued going to Joanne as she has a donut ring pillow which allowed me to lie on my stomach, I had an easy pregnancy and still believe Joanne helped keep all those pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn and lower back pain away! Lovely friendly and family atmosphere in the clinic so my husband and I will be continuing to use Wilson Chiropractic! "
Jill Macartney (July 8, 2016) 

"Great place to get some relief! I highly recommend Kendra for a deep tissue massage! She knows her stuff! Dr. Joanne keeps me in line! Love him!!!" 
- Carol Cormier Waters (June 10, 2016)

"When I started going to see Joanne I had headaches every day. I couldn't sit comfortably nor sleep properly at night. My head felt like a golf ball sitting on a tee ready to topple over at any moment. Thankfully now I no longer get headaches and can sit and sleep comfortably. My head no longer feels like sitting on a tee either, it's amazing. Joanne has an amazing way with her and if like me you end up taking the kids, both Joanne and Leslie are amazing with them and keep them entertained. Win win situation. Thank you and keep up the great work!!"
 - Karen McGrew
Lady praying

"I couldn't recommend Joanne enough I could hardly move with leg pain and was about to go on holiday. It was coming from my back and she worked a miracle on me and I went on my holiday pain free"
- Ruth Montgomery
Back pain relief

"Didn't know what to expect to be honest as I'd never been to a chiropractor before .Had begun to run but my feet kept on going completely numb which really hampered my progress and was frustrating because I wanted to get fit! Long story short , through a series of visits , Am now at the stage where I'm running regularly and building fitness . I have suffered from a range of different problems including a long standing one with my eyes which meant I constantly had to put in eye drops. Haven't used them now in in weeks .no aches no stiffness no sore eyes and I'm also sleeping better. Can't say enough about Joanne , complete professional and really knows her stuff ."
 - Julie Burns

foot ailments

"I was recommended to Dr Jo by a friend for my little baby Cooper who suffered with silent reflux. At this stage I was desperate to try anything but thought at the same time what does a chiropractor do that would help this awful thing that gives my baby so much pain. Along I went for the consultation and Cooper had a scan of his spine and I was told his reflux was mild. At that moment I trusted her 100% as I thought I could've been told anything and she said mild. Next day with one adjustment I noticed such a difference. Increase in sleep. I have told everyone if your baby has this condition please go see Dr Jo, wee Cooper loves her and of course Zarek too. We were made very welcome cup of coffee for mummy. I finally got to see the happy baby that I should have had from the start. She helped to strengthen his back and he attends less but I'll take him there till she tells me differently."
 - Cathy Elizabeth McMeechan
Baby smiling

"I went to Joanne with some niggling shoulder pain, which was probably a hangover from playing Rugby, and lifting weights a long time ago. I am now a keen cyclist and occasional runner. From the scan Joanne identified problems with my neck and lower back, which she treated also. The treatments over a month or so, have taken away the shoulder pain, but also sorted a number of issues I didn’t associate with back treatment’
- Tommy Baird 

‘Joanne came highly recommended for her chiropractic experience with back pain and various other conditions in adults and children. I was at the end of my tether with chronic back pain and Joanne worked on my back and neck over several weeks. I now attend her periodically for maintenance. I am indebted to her and can’t recommend her highly enough. Based on this and her successful experienced with babies and children, I entrusted my three month old daughter, who suffered from colic, silent re-flux, and hip issues to Joanne for treatment. Joanne was patient, kind, and caring during all her sessions with Lilianna. My daughter always has a smile for her and the change in her physical health was amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The soon to be Dr Z is also an asset and excellent with babies’
- Louise McCabe

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