Chiropractic care

Friendly and professional chiropractic clinic in Larne

Wilson Chiropractic offers a friendly and professional service that provides spinal health care for all ages in Larne.

Chiropractic at its best

Our chiropractic clinic in Larne provides gentle treatment and advice for muscular-skeletal diagnosis and problems such as back pain, injuries and postural disturbances. At Wilson Chiropractic, we are always ready to listen to your health problems and suggest new approaches to help using chiropractic therapies.

As part of our community out reach program, Wilson Chiropractic offers free spinal health workshops to local businesses, for injury prevention and better spinal health to improve your posture.

For an up to date list of Wilson Chiropractic prices, please see below.
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Neck pain

We can help you with:

• Back pain
• Joint pain
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Migraine headache treatment
• Sciatica
• Pelvic pain in pregnancy
• Minor sports injuries
• Postural disturbances 
Neck and Shoulder Pain

Nervous system scans:

  • Detect problematic areas
  • Documents and monitors your progress
  • Provide you with the appropriate care
  • Prevent painful problems
  • Detect spinal injuries early in children and adults
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Nervous system scans
Whether it may be for posture improvement, injury prevention or to book your spinal scan
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